Sustainable by Nature

we are dedicated to nature conservation

Sustainable by Nature

we provide innovative solutions for a sustainable agri-food sector

Sustainable by Nature

we help public and private entities to develop their sustainability and corporate responsibility policies

Conservation of habitats and species

We actively work on the field to protect natural areas and animal and plant species

Agri-food sustainability

We collaborate with all steps of the agri-food chain to support sustainability within this sector

Corporate sustainability

We put forward strategies and actions regarding various aspects of the sustainability and social responsibility policies

(Español) Fundación Global Nature organiza rutas accesibles por Monfragüe con motivo de la FIO

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(Español) La Política Agraria Comunitaria para jóvenes: taller el día 27 de febrero en Madrid

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(Español) Entrega de los premios “Pescadores Responsables 2016”

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(Español) La Fundación Global Nature celebra el Día Mundial de los Humedales en Castilla-La Mancha

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Relevant ongoing projects

Sustainable by Nature

LIFE La Mancha Wetlands

We develop conservation and awareness-raising activities and collaborate with the farming sector in order to protect the saline steppes that surround 27 wetlands located in Natura 2000 sites in Castile-La Mancha.

Global Nature pulses

We collaborate with farmers who grow local and organic pulses in Natura 2000 sites and whose activities have a direct impact on the conservation of the last populations of steppe birds.

LIFE BioStandards

In the framework our of “Business and Biodiversity” activities, we support the consideration of aspects related to biodiversity in standards and guidelines for agri-food products.

Research on Wetland Conservation

In 2015 the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment granted 255,785.50 € for the Programme for Research on the Conservation of Wetlands and Infuence Areas, for the following  activities: Research, Collaboration with the Administration, Environmental Education and Environmental Dissemination.

LIFE Albufera

We contribute to the implementation of sustainable water treatments management models through artificial wetlands that, at the same time, improve biodiversity in a unique location such as the Albufera de Valencia.

LIFE Steppe Farming

We work on the protection of steppe bird populations in Castile- La Mancha by implementing environmental conservation measures and changes in the farming production systems.

LIFE AgriAdapt

We collaborate with European entities to determine and disseminate the farming practices that increase the resilience of the EU farming sector to climate change.

Agricultural Policy, Natural Policy

We disseminate the history of the Common Agricultural Policy, its main environmental aspects and the current challenges through Podcasts and face-to-face workshops held in different Spanish regions.

Fundación Global Nature