Diversos premios han reconocido nuestro trabajo en los últimos años


Finalist at the European Natura 2000 Awards organised by the European Commission.


“Best of the Best” LIFE Project Award to the LIFE AgriClimateChange project given by the European Commission.

Award to Differentiated Commercialisation based on positive impacts on biodiversity granted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

Best Initiative on Sustainable Food Award granted by the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation.


.EU Web Awards granted by EURid to the Communication of the LIFE AgriClimateChange project.

Biodiversity and Society Prize awarded by the Regional Government of Valencia to the Conservation Actions in l’Albufera in Valencia.

Responsible with Biodiversity Award CSR Market Place.


Biodiversity Conservation 2012 Award by BBVA Foundation to the exceptional contribution to wetland conservation and management in Spain over two decades.


Prize to the Awareness-raising campaign at the l’Albufera Natural Park awarded by the Valencia city council.


“Best LIFE Project” Award given by the European Commission to the LIFE project “Wetland restoration and management: Castile Canal”.

Biodiversity Foundation Award to Tierra de Campos Wetlands project


Best Environmental Action Award of the MAPFRE Foundation.


Finalist at the Palencia Regional Government’s Tourism Awards for the support to tourism in the Tierra de Campos region.


Diploma to the Services in the defense of environmental values in the municipality of Lorca.


Yves Rocher “Women Lands” Award to the Restoration of the l’Ouro wetland.

ABBOT Foundation Award to the Best Health Cooperation in Latin America to the Green Filters Project in the Dominican Republic.

Caja España Social Prize to wetland restoration in Tierra de Campos.


EUROSITE 99 Diploma to Wetland Restoration in Tierra de Campos.


Natural Environment Henry Ford Award to the Conservation project for the Spur-thighed tortoise.


Living Culture Prize awarded by the National Living Culture Association to Environmental Defense Activities.


Special Diploma at the National Environment Awards of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

Fundación Global Nature