Volunteering programmes

We promote environmental volunteering programmes, through the participation of volunteers in our current project or in specific programmes. Some of the volunteering activities are occasional, as they are linked to specific projects, but some other are implemented all year long.

We promote volunteering actions regarding

  • Restoration of local hábitats on the Canary Islands, the Mediterranean forest, saline steppes or aquatic flora.
  • Trekking for disabled people
  • Collection of marine litter on the coast
  • Cleaning actions in wetlands and riverbanks
  • Creation of shelters and nesting areas for birds and bats
  • Improvement of plant nurseries, orchards or stone hedges
  • Maintenance actions for public infrastructures, such as observatories, trails or information pannels
  • Fauna surveys and bird censuses
Voluntariado corporativo

We offer Corporate volunteer programmes aimed at companies that wish to offer to their staff activities related to biodiversity and the environment within their Corporate responsibility policies. The specific activities are designed in each case in order to align them with the sustainability strategy of each entity and to create value for employees and other stakeholders.

We implement occasional activities and complement volunteering programmes. In this context, we develop since 2014 the Environmental Volunteering Programme of Gas Natural Fenosa, that was started by the company to promote a positive attitude among employees towards environmental conservation in areas located close to their working areas. The objective of the programme is to promote that volunteers become aware of their relationship with nature in a different way, giving them the possibility to observe and improve the natural environment on site.

Different environmental corporate volunteering activities have been implemented with companies such as Johnson & Johnson – Janssen , Vodafone or Pavasal. In addition, we have participated in the International Volunteering Week of Forética.

Fundación Global Nature