Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection Policy

  1. Anonymous browsing

Global Nature Foundation only obtains and retains the following information about visitors to our web site:

  1. The name of the domain provider (ISP) and/or IP address providing access to the Internet.
  2. The date and time of access to our web site.
  3. The Internet address providing the link to our web page.
  4. The number of daily visitors to each section.

The information obtained is totally anonymous and in no case can be associated with any particular identified user.

  1. Browsing with Javascript, CSS and Cookies

In order to navigate this web site, users need to activate Javascript, CSS and Cookies options. These generate small files saved on the user’s computer and allow us to store elements for the customization of the contents chosen by the user on the first visit to the Global Nature Foundation web site. All our cookies store data in encrypted format and are automatically destroyed after a certain period of time has elapsed. For their part, users may eliminate the cookies sent to them by setting up the browser used to access the Global Nature Foundation web site.

  1. Processing of the data obtained through the web

In accordance with current regulations on data protection as well as on the information society and electronic commerce services, users agree that the personal details provided by them through the web site will be processed and included in a file owned by Global Nature Foundation for which the Global Nature Foundation is responsible as the data controller. Its registered office is at Corro del Postigo 1 in Fuentes de Nava (34337 Palencia) and its telephone number is (+34) 979 842 398. The purpose of collecting and processing personal data is to manage any requests made by users to the Global Nature Foundation through the web site and to comply with the legal obligations of the Global Nature Foundation with respect to personal data protection, as well as, where appropriate, other purposes indicated on the forms used on the web site for collecting users’ details. The information requested from users on the collection forms will be obligatory unless indicated otherwise on the corresponding form. Where users fail to provide the obligatory information requested, the Global Nature Foundation will not be able to provide the service requested on the form in question. The Global Nature Foundation undertakes to comply with its obligations regarding the secrecy of the personal details and its duty to process them in confidence and it applies, for these purposes, the technical organizational and security measures necessary to prevent their alteration, loss, unauthorized access or processing in accordance with the provisions contained in the Personal Data (Protection) Act (Fundamental Law 15/1999) and other applicable legislation. Data subjects must contact this email address or the registered office of the Global Nature Foundation indicated above in writing in order to exercise their rights to access, correct, cancel and oppose the use of the information controlled by the Global Nature Foundation, indicating ‘LOPD’ as the reference and accrediting their identity.

  1. Security

We guarantee that any transmission of data relating to users’ personal information will be done using a technology that meets the maximum security standards. All communications between users’ machines and our servers are encrypted. Data processing is performed solely by authorized personnel under the responsibility of the Global Nature Foundation.

The Global Nature Foundation is entered on the State Register of Foundations under nº 55, and under the Protectorate of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. Entry on the register entails recognition by the State of the general interest of the Foundation’s purposes.


Open data and transparency

The information contained on this web page may be used for any purpose provided its meaning is not distorted and with the obligation to cite the source and the Global Nature Foundation.

A large part of the information available has already been published on the web site so we invite you to visit our site and make sure that the information sought is not available. Any issues raised in this regard through this form are forwarded to the Office of the Foundation’s Secretary.


This section on transparency is intended to provide access to information about the Global Nature Foundation, its activities, the purposes for which the foundation’s resources are used, and other subjects of public interest in the field of the environment.

Economic and Financial Activities:

In 2015, the Foundation obtained € 879,195.02 in revenue from the public sector and € 403,572.00 in revenue from its own activities and private contributions.

  1. Real estate.

The Foundation currently owns its headquarters at the registered office at Corro del Postigo 1 in Fuentes de Nava (Palencia) and regional offices in Extremadura (Dehesa Study Centre in Torrejón el Rubio (Cáceres)), Castilla y León (Tierra de Campos Environmental Study Centre in Fuentes de Nava (Palencia)) and the Boada Lagoon House Museum in Boada de Campos (Palencia), Madrid (Management Centre in Las Rozas de Madrid), and 4 Work Centres in Valencia, the Canary Islands, Andalusia and Castilla La Mancha.

It is the owner of 56.66 Ha around lagoons in the provinces of Palencia and Toledo and of 280 Ha of Mediterranean forest (dehesas) in Cáceres.

  1. Remuneration of personnel

Managing Director: Pursuant to the Transparency Act, it is hereby reported that the gross salary of the Managing Director is 34,200 euros and the net salary is 25,786.74 euros.

  1. Centralized contracting of goods and services.

In June, 2013, the Foundation’s Board of Patrons approved the Operating Manual for Procedures and Internal Regime governing 1) Relations between the Board of Patrons and the Management, 2) Communications between the rest of the organizational structure, 3) Financial management, accounting, employment issues and payment authorization, 4) Working hours, holiday regime and workplace, 5) Per diem allowances and travel expenses, 6) Communication and corporate image, 7) Data Protection and Security Policy.

  1. Budget Management.

Annual accounts and inspection by a financial auditor for 2015. PDF file


The Foundation’s Activities:

Co-operation agreements with other institutions.

Annual Reports. Annual activities. 2015: PDF file

Project studies and reports.

III. Institutional Information:

How the Foundation operates

Established at national level in 1993 under article 34.1 of the Spanish Constitution, the Foundation is a not-for-profit organization whose assets are dedicated to the performance of purposes of general environmental interest. It is entered under nº 55 on the State Register of Foundations at the Ministry of Justice and is under the Protectorate of the National Government, exercised through the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

The Foundation’s goals

–  The conservation and protection of biodiversity with special attention to Iberian endemic species, the flora and fauna of the Canary Islands and aquatic ecosystems.

–  The conservation, protection and organization of rural and urban landscapes as the scenario for sustainable development led by humankind.

–  The protection and encouragement of sustainable farming and cattle husbandry systems with special attention to autochthonous breeds and varieties.

–  The mitigation of environmental pollution as a tool to combat global warming and its effect on the climate.

–  The stimulation of innovative and sustainable technologies and development models.

–  International co-operation in sustainable development for the promotion of socially responsible, participatory development that is comprehensive and respectful of the social and economic models of other peoples and their cultural specificities.

The Foundation’s activities.

The Foundation can engage in any actions leading to the better achievement of the above purposes.

The office of the President

The President is responsible for representing the Foundation before any and all persons, authorities and public or private entities; drawing up the Annual Accounts; convening and chairing meetings of the Board of Patrons; organizing its discussions; and, as appropriate, implementing the resolutions adopted, with the power for this purpose to carry out all kinds of acts and to sign any and all documents necessary for the purpose.

The Board of Patrons

The governance, administration and representation of the Foundation and its assets are entrusted and attributed exclusively to the Board of Patrons. It oversees the fulfilment of the foundation’s goals and diligently administers its assets. The Board determines the activities that are most suitable and appropriate for the Foundation from time to time.

The patrons exercise their mandate free of charge and receive no remuneration for the performance of their functions. They are entitled to be reimbursed for any duly justified expenses incurred in the performance of their functions. The Foundation has the authorization of the Foundations Protectorate to hire the Secretary to the Board of Patrons.

The Management

By delegation from the Board of Patrons, the Managing Director exercises the powers relating to the Foundation’s management and operations. Whenever requested, the Managing Director provides the Board of Patrons with informed opinion and loyal advice.

Since 1998 and at present, the position of Managing Director is held by Eduardo de Miguel Beascoechea, a Superior Technical Agricultural Engineer.