Global Nature Legumes

Programme supporting the production and marketing of organic farm produce contributing to the conservation of biodiversity in Natura 2000 spaces.

Since 2009, we have conducted a pioneering programme in support of the production and marketing of legumes and produce that help to preserve biodiversity. This initiative currently focuses on legumes (lentils from Castile, brown lentils and chickpeas from Pedrosillo) grown within the Natura 2000 Network with environmentally-friendly certification. We are gradually adding other organic products such as almonds or pistachios.

The biodiversity protection and cultivation measures are carried out in the framework of stewardship agreements for the territory. In addition, the plots are located in areas close to lagoons so their sustainable management benefits habitats that are unique in Europe. These crops also provide refuge and food for a multitude of species, such as some of the last populations of European steppe birds. Rotation with leguminous plants improves soil quality and helps to mitigate climate change.

The farmers taking part in this programme sustainably produce these legumes that are then packed at our premises in Villacañas (Toledo). We also engage in communication activities and the opening of different sales channels, including exportation to other countries in the EU, and the participation in farming fairs.

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