Local breeds

Programme for the recovery of autochthonous breeds.

Since its creation, the Global Nature Foundation has been working on the conservation of autochthonous cattle breeds. This programme is taking place on the “El Baldío” property, a Mediterranean forest (dehesa) covering 232 hectares in the municipality of Talaván (Cáceres) where specific programmes are being developed for the improvement of pastures with autochthonous species of legumes, dryland sowing, ponds and water points.

These species are part of a natural heritage that we protect in collaboration with several entities such as the National Farming and Food Research and Technology Institute (INIA), or the Centre for the Selection and Reproduction of Animals in Extremadura (CENSYRA). We also belong to the National Association of Merino Sheep Breeders and the National Association of White Cáceres Cattle.

On our estates, we have specimens of black merino sheep, white Cáceres cows, Castilian black hens (negra castellana), Blue Andalusian hens (andaluza azul), quails and Andalusian negra barrada hens.

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