Re-afforestation of the Soto del Salz

Project for the compensation of CO2 emissions verified under the ISO 14064‑2 standard, following the Voluntary “Verified Carbon Standard” of the Carbon Market.

In collaboration with the ECODES and the Regional Government of Aragon, and with the financial support of the DKV Seguros insurance company, we have conducted the first project in Spain for the compensation of CO2 emissions through re-afforestation to have been audited in accordance with the ISO 14064‑2 standard following the Voluntary “Verified Carbon Standard” of the Carbon Market. This standard guarantees the rigour of the emissions compensations in the project.

The re-afforestation took place in the municipality of Zuera (Zaragoza) at the location known as Soto de Salz. A total of 9.97 Ha have been re-afforested with autochthonous riparian plants, with over 5,000 specimens of Populus nigra, Populus alba, Tamarix gallica and Salix alba. This forest mass will contribute to the absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, storing it in the various carbon sumps (airborne or underground organic matter, whether alive or dead, and dry leaves). It is estimated that the plantation will absorb, on average, 12 tonnes of CO2/Ha/year during the first 30 years following plantation, equivalent to 119 tonnes of CO2/year over the whole of the surface area planted.

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