Tancat de l’Illa

Management of this artificial wetland that cleanses the water in the Albufera.

Together with Pavagua Ambiental, the Global Nature Foundation manages this artificial wetland that cleanses the water in the Estany de la Plana, the area of the Albufera closest to the sea. It abstracts water directly from the Estany for purification. It also has the option to receive effluent from the “Sueca” WWTP for a final refining treatment prior to its discharge into the lagoon.

Within the Natural Park, this is an important breeding area for the imperial heron and an important feeding ground for the Greater bittern, a species that in recent years found a suitable location for feeding and resting. In the Tancat de Milia and the Tancat de l’Illa, we participate in the programme for the re-introduction of the European pond turtle together with the Department of Agriculture, Environment, Climate Change and Rural Development of the Valencian Regional Government. In both spaces, ongoing activities are carried out for the continuous census of birds or the monitoring of water quality.

In recent years we have developed numerous artificial wetlands as a water purification technique in both Spain and elsewhere (Philippines, Colombia or the Dominican Republic).


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