Bird conservation

We constantly monitor the birdlife at various points in Spain. Our activities include censuses and ringing campaigns, which enable us to obtain information about migratory phenology, abundance, biometrics, physical status and places of provenance and destination of migratory birds.

In Castilla y León, we organize ringing campaigns every summer. Special attention is given to the aquatic warbler (Acrocephalus paludicola), a globally threatened bird whose breeding areas are located exclusively in eastern Europe. The bird-ringing work in recent years has revealed that the lagoon at La Nava is possibly one of the most important stopping sites in their postnuptial migration.

In the Valencian Region, in collaboration with Gotur, a “constant effort station” is being developed. Once a week, marsh birds are ringed in the Tancat de Milia at the Albufera in Valencia. One-off campaigns are also organized in spring, aimed at the ringing of passerines in their prenuptial migratory passage. These campaigns have confirmed that the Tancat de Milia provides a favourable habitat for aquatic warblers.

Desde 1993 dedicados a la conservación de la naturaleza y la funcionalidad de los ecosistemas

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