Wetlands are one of the most important ecosystems for the conservation of biodiversity. More than 40% of threatened species are believed to depend on wetlands at one point or another of their biological cycle. In Spain, it has been calculated that 60% of these areas have been lost over the last hundred years. This implies an environmental problem of the greatest magnitude. With respect to the services provided by ecosystems, they play a fundamental role in the regulation of groundwater and surface water.

Since our early days, the restoration and management of wetlands has been one of our main lines of action. Our activities have directly favoured over 80 wetlands, with a total surface area of over 2,700 hectares.

Each action is implemented through the creation of alliances with local collectives (landowners, farmers, etc.) and administrations in order to generate opportunities for social and economic development in rural settings. We also belong to the international network Living Lakes.

Our work on the conservation of wetlands has been recognized with several prizes, such as the Award of the BBVA Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity in Spain.

Desde 1993 dedicados a la conservación de la naturaleza y la funcionalidad de los ecosistemas

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