Castile Canal

The “Canal de Castilla” or Castile Canal is one of the most important hydraulic engineering works ever built in Spain. A number of wetlands are located along its margins and these, together with the gallery woods and coppices growing along the Canal, make up an ecosystem of high ecological value. Due to the great diversity of fauna and flora they accommodate, they diversify the homogeneous landscape of Tierra de Campos. These environmental values have meant their inclusion within the Natura 2000 Network, as most of the wetlands have been declared SPA and SAC and are even included in the Regional Catalogue of Wet Areas.

We have been working on the conservation of these wetlands since 1990. Among the actions carried out in this setting, the most outstanding is a LIFE project entitled “Lagoon restoration and management: Canal de Castilla SPA” (LIFE06 NAT/E/000213) that enabled the comprehensive recovery and management of these unique lakeside ecosystems in the Duero River Basin and was awarded the Best LIFE Projects 2010 prize by the European Commission.

The main achievements attained through the execution of this project have been:

  • Increasing and recovering the surface area of wetlands associated with the Canal de Castilla.
  • Improving and favouring the habitat of priority species such as the greater bittern or the aquatic warbler.
  • Increasing the structural diversity of the landscape.
  • Highlighting the value of the wetlands among the local population and making the tourism activities in the area more dynamic.
  • Drafting and approval of a Comprehensive Handling and Management Plan for the SPA: Lagoons of the Canal de Castilla.

Layman report LIFE Canal de Castilla

Desde 1993 dedicados a la conservación de la naturaleza y la funcionalidad de los ecosistemas

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