The Albufera in Valencia

The lagoon at the Albufera, which lends its name to the Natural Park, is a unique setting that is home to endemic species such as the Spanish pupfish (Aphanius Iberus) and Valencian toothcarp (Valencia hispánica). It provides a refuge for numerous birds on their migration routes. Surrounding the lake, there are also high-value ecosystems, such as a marshy ecosystem with its paddy fields and the Devesa ecosystem, a Mediterranean coastal forest of incalculable ecological value. We are working to preserve all these habitats through conservation projects and collaboration with multiple agents.

Since 2011, we have been actively participating in the management of two artificial wetlands in order to improve the quality of the water reaching the Albufera, the Tancat de Milia and the Tancat de l’Illa. Within the context of this activity, the LIFE “Albufera” project began in 2013 with the aim of increasing the efficacy of three tancats or artificial wetlands that clean up the water in the Albufera: the Tancats de l’Illa, Milia and la Pipa. In this way, the quality of the water in the lagoon is improved, re-naturalized habitats are generated and the birds in the wetland are protected. In addition to the Global Nature Foundation, the following institutions also participate in the project: the Water and Environment Engineering Institute (IIAMA) of the Polytechnic University in Valencia, SEO/BirdLife and Acció Ecologista Agró. It has received the support of the European Commission, the Biodiversity Foundation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment, Acuamed and la Júcar River Basin Confederation.

In the surroundings of the Albufera, we also collaborate with other entities engaging in conservation, such as the Parador de Turismo in El Saler hotel, the GOTUR ornithological group and the Xaloc association with which we have carried out awareness-building activities, bird-ringing seminars and specific conservation projects. We have also signed a collaboration agreement with the Valencian Regional Government (Department of Agriculture, Environment, Climate Change and Rural Development) for the execution of conservation initiatives in the surroundings of the Albufera. These activities include the re-introduction of specimens of threatened fauna to strengthen the wild populations, re-afforestations or environmental awareness-building activities.

Desde 1993 dedicados a la conservación de la naturaleza y la funcionalidad de los ecosistemas

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