Agri-food sustainability

More than 30% of Spanish lands are destined for agricultural use, which makes their management a key aspect for the conservation of natural heritage. Fundación Global Nature has supported, since its beginnings, the inclusion of environmentally sustainable criteria as a central pillar of the agricultural sector’s economic and environmental viability. Measures for the promotion of biodiversity or emissions reduction, among others, must assume a differentiation factor and the creation of an added value to agricultural products.

To achieve an agricultural activity that is competitive, innovative, and beneficial for the environment, we work in our own farms and collaborate directly with farmers. We agree individually with farmers and stockbreeders about different measures to implement in their farms, usually in plots in the Natura 2000 Network in Spain.


We also provide strategies and concrete measures in different points in the agri-food chain, determining and disseminating the best practices in the sector. Specifically, we work actively in the elaboration of guides and advising about sustainable sourcing practices for numerous agri-food companies. We also maintain permanent contact with different administrations to translate the obtained outcomes into agricultural and environmental policies. We believe that supporting sustainable agricultural biodiversity is the best strategy to promote the E brand in Spain.

Our agricultural sustainability initiatives have received numerous distinctions, like the Premio de la Fundación Daniel y Nina Carasso a la Alimentación Sostenible 2015 or the Diploma a los Desafíos en Alimentación del Pabellón Español de la Expo Milano 2015. We participate in numerous national and European projects with research entities, producers, and agri-food companies. Some of these projects have received European awards, like the Best of the Best prize awarded by the European Commission to the LIFE AgriClimateChange project about climate change mitigation in the agricultural sector.

Our agri-food sustainability activity is based on these four aspects that feed back on themselves.


We develop practical activities that allow us to generate knowledge and experience


We “accompany” other farmers and stockbreeders, agreeing with them on measures and action plans and providing them with tools and training


We evaluate and measure the environmental benefits


We spread and support the mainstreaming of the best practices, both in links in the chain and in promoting legislation in Spain and Europe.

Desde 1993 dedicados a la conservación de la naturaleza y la funcionalidad de los ecosistemas

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