Sustainable sourcing

Sustainable farming sourcing is an opportunity to ensure a long-term quality supply and protect the environment. From the producers’ point of view, the sustainable production of food can help to reduce costs, improve farms and ensure their positioning. It is also an essential factor in the core business of pioneer agrifood companies that bring together excellence, risk reduction and market differentiation.

We work with farmers and agrifood companies in the ellaboration of Sustainable Sourcing Guides and Protocols. For example, we are currently collaborating with Nestlé in the creation of protocols for sourcing different vegetables and herbs in Europe or with Calidad Pascual in the determination of the best practices in milk production.

We promote the creation of alliances between all the stakeholders involved in sustainable sourcing. We are currently the coordinators of the Sustainable Sourcing Working Group for the Agrifood Sector in the National Environment Congress.

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