Project to improve biodiversity in vineyards

Purple Red Grapes With Green Leaves On The VineThe “European initiative to improve biodiversity in vineyards”, financed by the EU Erasmus+  programme, aims to propose farming measures that positively impact on biodiversity and the competitiveness of the wine sector. The project partners are specialists in viticulture and biodiversity experts from Germany, Spain, Portugal and Turkey, who will exchange knowledge and will train and provide advice to farmers and who will develop training materials specifically designed for this sector.

One of the tools of the project is the development of the “biodiversity checks” that allow getting to know the impact of vineyard management on biodiversity. The farming management of the crop and the areas not dedicated to cultivation are analysed. Other areas, such as the facilities for wine production, can also be analysed. A specific Action Plan is elaborated with the results, which includes measures to reduce the impacts and that allows managers and farmers to measures their progress through specific indicators.

The participating entities are: ADVID (Associaçao para o Desenvolvimento da Viticultura Duriense), Bodensee-Stiftung, ECOVIN (Federal Association of Organic Viticulture),  Fundación Global Nature, Global Nature Fund, La Unió, Quercus, Rapunzel Organik Tarim Ürünleri.

Project documents:

Biodiversity Action Plan for Vine Growers

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Fact Sheet

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Manual on biodiversity in vineyards

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Biodiversity, landscape and biological control of pests in vineyards


Biodiversity in vineyard soils

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To find out  more about this project (podcasts in Spanish):

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