Mitigation and adaptation in the farming sector

We work on the identification and assessment of those mitigation and adaptation to climate change measures in the farming sector that allow generating environmental, social and economic benefits. A low carbon farming activity can represent an opportunity to improve competitiveness, reduce costs and anticipate legal changes. It also improves food security and can contribute to preserving the environment.

We have participated in different projects, like the LIFE AgriClimateChange project, a European initiative that we coordinated in different EU countries. A specific tool was developed within this project to calculate energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The knowledge transfer to legislative and political bodies at a national and European level included the elaboration of a document on “Measures at a farm level to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from EU agriculture”, requested by the European Parliament. Our network in Spain includes public and private entities, many of which participated in the Working Group on Mitigation and Adaptation in the farming sector, that we coordinated in the 2014 edition of the National Environment Congress.

We currently continue participating in projects like LIFE AgriAdapt and actively collaborate with farmers to develop measures that reduce the carbon footprint and that also protect biodiversity or reduce water consumption.

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