Re-Live Waste

Agriculture and livestock farming are key sectors in the Mediterranean area. The regions involved in the project (Italy, Cyprus, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina) have in common an intense pig farming sector that produces massive amounts of slurry and represents an important source of pollution for the environment and an economic problem for farms.

Nevertheless, there is a significant potential in MED regions for testing innovative technologies that transform livestock waste into farm resources, contributing to close the loop and to enhance the sector competitiveness.

RE-LIVE WASTE contributes to the use of innovative solutions for the management of livestock waste in the selected MED regions by testing a technology that transform slurry into fertilizer, and more specifically fine-tuning technical, environmental, economic and legal aspects for scaling it up to the markets.

The pilot actions of the project transform the livestock waste into organic fertilizers of high commercial value (struvite), contributing to sustainability and the creation of new business and market opportunities. Fundación Global Nature will work on pig farms in cooperation with other Spanish partners (La Unió and ALIA). The rest of the partners will test both pig slurry and cow manure.

RE-LIVE WASTE is a European Project funded by the INTERREG MED program in the Green Growth line. This project will be implemented from early 2018 to mid 2020.

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