Global Nature pulses

Since 2009 we develop a pioneer programme to support the production and selling of pulses. This initiative currently focuses on pulses (lentils and chickpeas) produced under organic schemes and in Natura 2000 sites. We gradually add other organic products, such as almonds or pistachios.

The cultivation and biodiversity-protection measures are developed in the framework of land stewardship agreements. The farms are also located in areas surrounding wetlands. Therefore, their sustainable management positively impacts on habitats that are unique in Europe. These crops also provide food and shelter for many species, like some of the last population of European steppe birds. The rotation with pulses improves soil quality and contributes to climate change mitigation.

The farmers that participate in this programme produce in a sustainable manner these pulses, which are packaged in our plant located in Castile-La Mancha. We also develop communication activities and open different marketing channels, including the export to other countries in the EU. Global Nature pulses can be purchased at

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