European EcoSustain project

The objective of the EcoSustain project, financed by the INTERREG MED program, is to try two continuous monitoring methods of water quality to determine what factors change their concentrations, and facilitate decision-making in different cases. The developed technologies are expected to have applications in decision-making related to water quality in different bodies of water (lakes, rivers, or marine environments).

The two methods are based on short-term and long-term monitoring.

The short-term monitoring solution (STMS) provides continuous monitoring of water quality through measurements of things such as pH, ammonium, turbidity, blue-green algae, chloride, etc. with buoys equipped with sensors in the water. The notification of the measurements is done through a graphic software and interface that the user will be able to set up through any mobile device for their visualization and data processing.

The long-term monitoring solution (LTMS) includes the development of a methodology and integrated solution for satellite monitoring of environmental indicators through Earth-observation techniques and the processing of satellite images.

Fundación Global Nature works in L’Albufera, one of the five protected spaces in the Mediterranean where the project takes place, using the short-term monitoring solution. We monitor the benefits of the artificial Tancat de Milia wetland, which provides the lake with clean water. Specifically, we measure how long it takes for the clean water from Tancat to dilute with lake water and the time it takes for this dilution to disappear, as well as whether these contributions improve the water conditions in L’Albufera.

The EcoSustain project has 10 partners from 5 countries (Bosnia, Croatia, Spain, Greece, and Italy) and takes place from November 2016 to April 2019.

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