We implement different activities related to water. Wetland conservation is one of our main working areas in the framework of habitats and species conservation actions. We restore and manage wetlands and we create water points, such as cattle ponds.

We are frontrunners in the design, development and management of artificial wetlands for water treatment. In Spain we actively work in the Tancat de Milia and l’Illa, that we manage in collaboration with Pavasal. These artificial wetlands treat the water of the Albufera lake in Valencia and recreate natural ecosystems that are highly important for species such as the aquatic warbler or the bittern.

We have implemented many projects related to the creation and management of artificial wetlands in countries like Colombia, the Philippines or the Dominican Republic. In Paraguay, we currently develop a project aiming at strengthening local communities for the sustainable management of fresh water.

Reinforcement of local communities of the Sustainable Management of Water in Mbaracayú (Paraguay)

We have worked since 2015 in the Mbaracayú area (Paraguay) in order to reinforce local communities in terms of sustainable water management. This management is implemented through the Community Organisations for Water Services (OSCA). In Paraguay, these organisations develop more than 50% of the water services in their areas, rural areas and municipalities with less than 10,000 inhabitants, which determines their relevant role to ensure access to fresh water.

The project is financed by AEXCID and is implemented in collaboration with the Fundación Moisés Bertoni. After an initial diagnosis, the project is focused on reinforcing the participation of the whole local community in the OCSA, especially women, and raising awareness among the population. Tools are developed on three levels:

  • Awareness-raising tools, aimed at school students, the general population and local authorities
  • Participation tools, aimed at our facilitating team on site. These tools will be later be available for OCSA users
  • Coordination tools, aimed at the design of analysis and water quality parameters, as a result of the collaboration between local entities and Spanish entities. These tools are also aimed at the creation of a Water Committee where all the sectors involved in water management are represented.

Finally, the whole experience is intended to be systematised in order to be transferable.

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