Biodiversity checks

We have experience in the development of “biodiversity checks”. This analysis identifies for each entity its dependencies and impacts on biodiversity. Through the analysis, we identify for each entity its dependencies and impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services and we assess the associated risks and opportunities. This diagnosis is the basis to elaborate specific strategies:

The answer of the assessed companies show that the results of the check can be useful for a better understanding of their impacts and their relationship with biodiversity. Several businesses have started to implement the recommendations of the checks (e.g. standards regarding biodiversity for suppliers, ecological improvements in facilities, assessment and reduction of the use of ingredients coming from the regions that are the richest in biodiversity –hotspots). In addition, the indicator and parameters used in the checks are useful for the definition of objectives and progress indicators.

Biodiversity Corporate Strategy and Biodiversity Action Plans

The Corporate Biodiversity Strategy is the tool that allows the company to achieve its commitments with biodiversity and ecosystem services.

The Biodiversity Action Plans are planning tools focused on conservation and the management of biodiversity, ecosystem services and stakeholders in a specific environment. We assess companies like Gas Natural Fenosa or Nestlé,that work on sensitive sites, for example on specific projects that specially affect biodiversity or ecosystem services, or at a product or service scale, through measures for the supply chain.

Identification and analysis of stakeholders to know their vision concerning specific aspects of a plan or project at a local level.

Desde 1993 dedicados a la conservación de la naturaleza y la funcionalidad de los ecosistemas

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