Biodiversity in Standards and Labels for the Food Industry

In August 2016, Global Nature Fund, Lake Constance Foundation, Agentur AUF! (Germany),  Fundación Global Nature (Spain), Solagro, agoodforgood (France) and Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal) have initiated the project “Biodiversity in Standards and Labels for the Food Industry” funded by the EU LIFE programme.

The main objective of LIFE Food & Biodiversity is to improve the biodiversity performance of standards and labels within the food industry, by supporting standard organizations to include efficient biodiversity criteria into their schemes; and motivating food processing companies and retailers to include biodiversity criteria into their sourcing guidelines.

The specific objectives are:

By 2020, a European sector wide initiative “Biodiversity Performance in the Food Sector” will be established. It’s aim is the continuous improvement and implementation of effective biodiversity criteria in the food sector. This includes a continuous work towards biodiversity protection hand in hand with stakeholders from the food sector (standard and label organizations, food processing companies, producer organizations, and environmental protection organizations).

The target groups of the initiative are:

  • Standard and label organizations relevant for the food sector in the EU
  • Certifiers/auditors/inspectors of standards and labels
  • Owners and managers of certified farms/companies
  • Food processing companies and retailers with requirements for the supply chain
  • Companies without own specific requirements
  • Procurement managers in local authorities, canteens, hospitals
  • Business media and sector specific media

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