Huertos de Biodiversidad

We have developed a project in collaboration with ECOEMBES to recover the threatened agricultural biodiversity in La Mancha and the El Hierro island. The project works with Centros Escolares (educational establishments) to create biodiversity orchards as educational spaces to work on concepts covering the recycling of organic matter to produce compost and food later on, the reutilization of plastic containers as incubators, organic cultivation techniques and sustainable production systems, or the importance of conserving agricultural variety that were traditionally cultivated in their towns.

The project activities include the implementation of a seed bank with local and regional varieties, recycling and composting workshops, and the creation of materials like a local varieties catalogue or a scholarly manual.

Create your biodiversity orchard


Want to create a biodiversity orchard but don’t know how to? Want to be a sustainable horticulturist? We will help you create your orchard step-by-step with our manuals for both students and teachers. In our manuals, you will discover which plants may be in your orchard, how to prep the soil, what tools are needed, who lives on the plants, how to recycle in our orchard… and much more. Download yours and begin your biodiversity orchard!

Agricultural biodiversity guides

The local varieties are the result of years of continuous cultivation, where the farmers have selected, preserved and multiplied those seeds better adapted to environment and consumers’ taste. The varieties of our biodiversity vegetable gardens are shown in this guide.


We have designed some posters so you can brag about your orchard.

Learning to recycle with Ecoembes

Recycling guide:

When disposing our waste, we must ensure to make it in the right container. If we mix them, we throw away everyone’s efforts because every time a piece of waste ends up in the wrong container, the process stops. For this reason, in this recycling guide we explain how to sort your containers and where to place them so that they can be recycled.

Download recycling guide


Sometimes it’s hard to know where to dispose of every piece of waste. We propose an easy way to never doubt again; with our games, you’ll learn which types of waste to dispose in each container in a simple and fun way.


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