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General information

Food & Biodiversity is a European initiative to promote the inclusion of biodiversity criteria in the performance of agrifood standards and labels, by supporting standard organizations to include efficient biodiversity criteria into their schemes; and motivating food processing companies and retailers to include biodiversity criteria into their sourcing guidelines.

Together with partners from Germany, France and Portugal we work to strength the agrifood standards to benefit Biodiversity and long-lasting results.  With the newly developed Biodiversity Performance Tool (BPT) we analyse the current situation and the further development for biodiversity protection on farms at farm level and at landscape level, from a baseline to the progress measured after the implementation of measures described in a Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP). With the BPT the quality of implementation of measures as well as monitoring of a Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) can be assessed. Certifiers as well as farm, product and quality managers can measure improvements regarding the quality of the BAP and the biodiversity performance of the farm.

In Spain we have tested the BPT with tomato cultivation (Spain), olive production (Spain), and melons growers. Our partners have tested it with  pilot projects involving farms in cereal cultivation (Germany), grasslands used for meat production (Portugal) and grasslands used for milk production and dairy products (France). We can tested the tool thanks to our collaborators: Al Alma del OlivoCONESA GroupCooperativa Oleícola de ViverParque Agrícola Carrizales de Elche and Borges International Group

We also provide training, publications as guidelines and fact sheets, handbook and training modules to use the BPT.


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