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Valencia is the third most populated city in Spain with almost 800,000 inhabitants and more than 130 square kilometres. It has an abundance of natural spaces and green areas that act as allies against atmospheric pollution in urban centres and provide numerous benefits for the environment and for people's mental and physical health.

The Renaturalización València project aims to improve the urban biodiversity of the capital of the Turia, through the development of three major landscaping works and the restoration of small interventions throughout the city. The aim is to recover almost a hundred green spots in Valencia, monitoring the biodiversity of these spaces and generating scenarios for citizen participation.

Fundación Global Nature is in charge of measuring the impact of these actions on nature. To do this, it carries out studies of fauna, pollinators and other groups of small invertebrate animals in the intervened spaces. It also carries out exhaustive analyses of the quality of the soil and its capacity for carbon sequestration, as well as the study of key species of ornamental trees in the face of climate change.

The three major interventions planned during the project are aimed at the creation of a pollinator meadow in the old Turia riverbed, the implementation of an area of urban orchards in the Orriols neighbourhood and the projection of the Trini Simó garden in the centre of Valencia.

This project focuses on the restoration and creation of parks and gardens to improve the connectivity of natural environments in the city of Valencia, but also advocates a new way of gardening that is more sustainable and biodiverse.







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