Boada and la nava at the foot of the countryside in the month of may

In May the wetlands of Boada and La Nava, both in the province of Palencia, have been the protagonists of several actions of LIFE Wetlands4Climate.

Firstly, between 16-18 May, the field work that the team of technicians from FGN and DE UVEG carried out in the wetlands of Castilla y León continued. On the one hand, the first visit of 2022 has been made to the wetlands of Boada and La Nava where they have given continuity to the monitoring of physicochemical and biological processes that began to be taken in 2021. The spring works will be completed with a subsequent visit to analyse the experimental plots of the actions of stripping, mowing, fences, …

Secondly, three environmental education activities have been carried out: two field visits and an environmental workshop in the Boada lagoon, complemented in all three cases with a visit to the project exhibition installed in the Boada House Museum. These activities allow the participants to learn first-hand how the project’s actions, in addition to studying and mitigating the effects of climate change, can also benefit the biodiversity present in the wetlands.

The field visits were both to the Boada lagoon, on the one hand, the ALDAMA association visited the lagoon on 3 May with 16 participants; and on the other hand, a group of 20 ornithologists of English nationality belonging to Wessex Continental Travel visited the lagoon on 10 May. On the occasion of the European Day of the Natura 2000 Network and the celebration of its 30th anniversary, FGN organised an environmental workshop called “Ringers for a day” in which 16 people participated, including children and adults; this workshop allows through the scientific ringing of birds to raise awareness of the avifauna of wetlands and introduce them to other aspects such as the importance of European projects such as LIFE Wetlands4Climate.


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