Environmental workshops in the lagoons of Boada and La Nava

In April, the wetlands of Tierra de Campos have been the protagonists thanks to LIFE Wetlands4Climate, which has carried out several field visits and environmental workshops in the lagoons of Boada and La Nava. These visits and workshops show the participants how the actions of the project, in addition to studying and mitigating the effects of climate change, can also benefit the biodiversity present in the wetlands. A total of 4 activities were held.

On 2 April, 36 students and 2 teachers, all adults and belonging to two courses given at the Asociación Universidad Popular de Palencia – UPP: initiation to birdwatching and natural enclaves for birdwatching, got to know first-hand the actions of the LIFE W4C project and its protagonists, the flora and fauna of the wetlands, on this occasion the Boada lagoon. They also visited the project exhibition installed in the Casa Museo de Boada.

In addition, on 6 April, the 37 students and 2 teachers of 4th ESO and 1st Baccalaureate of the IES Jorge Guillén de Villalón de Campos (Valladolid) completed the training received in the talks and the exhibition in March with a field day in which they visited the two wetlands of the project’s scope of action, the Boada and La Nava lagoons. In Boada the main activity consisted of a scientific bird ringing workshop and in La Nava the observation of aquatic birds, as well as learning about the conservation and monitoring actions.

Between 5-21 April, an important period of prenuptial migration for many species of marshland birds in wetlands, 6 days of scientific bird ringing were held at the Boada lagoon as part of the CaixaBank project “Wetlands of Tierra de Campos, Allies of the Green Economy”. During these days, a total of 25 participants – including amateurs, ornithologists, ringers, etc. – were explained the importance of European projects such as LIFE W4C in the knowledge of wetlands as carbon sinks. In addition, the exhibition of the project has remained in the Casa Museo de Boada and has been visited by all of them at the end of each day.

Finally, on 18 April, the Fundación Global Nature/LIFE W4C team carried out a university environmental training activity with the University of León. The 27 students of 4th year Biology and 2 teachers of Conservation Biology visited the Boada and La Nava lagoons as part of one of their field trips. The focus was on the integrated management of these wetlands in the Natura 2000 Network, where emphasis was placed on the role they play in combating climate change, but also on water management, vegetation control, pest and exotic species control, problems with the agricultural environment, the conservation of endangered species, etc.


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