Planting Juniperus macrocarpa in Mediterranean coastal wetlands

Vegetation plays a key role in stabilising coastal dune systems. The marine juniper (Juniperus macrocarpa), located in isolated spots in the Mediterranean, is a rare species in a vulnerable situation.

Fundación Global Nature, together with the students of IES Serra d’Irta, have planted new specimens in El Prat (Comunitat Valenciana) which, in addition to increasing biodiversity in the area, will contribute to fixing carbon in accordance with the objectives of the Wetlands4climate project.

Plantación realizada el 15 de febrero con motivo del Dia Mundial de los Humedales

The “Centro para la Investigación y la Experimentación Forestal (CIEF)” has produced with great care and affection these plants to reinforce a priority habitat of our coasts.

All this has been possible thanks to the collaboration of the Prat de Cabanes-Torreblanca Natural Park, the Torreblanca E.G. Town Council and the Wildlife Service of the Regional Ministry of the Environment and Vaersa, who have prepared the land and coordinated the work.


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