Selection of pilot plots in Tierra de Campos

The work of sampling and field measurement of the pilot plots has begun. During this week, the team of the University of Valencia (UV) coordinated by Professor Antonio Camacho together with the technicians of Fundación Global Nature have been visiting the wetlands of La Nava and Boada, in the region of Tierra de Campos (Castilla y León).  

The first analyses and sampling have already been carried out and the pilot plots have been selected (six experimental stations in La Nava and three in Boada) on which we will work over the next few years to see how the carbon balances behave in each wetland with respect to different management measures such as mowing, controlled grazing or water level management.

On 22 February the team will move to the Valencian Community to continue with the identification of pilot plots. In total we will work in ten wetlands in Castilla y León, Valencia and Castilla La Mancha. 


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