Summer of environmental education

In summer, the environmental education and dissemination actions of Fundación Global Nature’s LIFE Wetlands4Climate project continue in different municipalities of Castilla y León.

Mobile Exhibition

The mobile exhibition of the project, which deals with topics such as climate change, wetlands, the alliance between them and their relationship with humans, in a graphic, simple and schematic way for all audiences, is being the protagonist during these summer months of 2022 as a disseminator of the environmental education of the project in the province of Palencia. During these months, the number of visitors coming from different areas of Spain to summer in different municipalities of the province increases enormously, so the potential reach of the project in the province increases. That is why, from Fundación Global Nature we take the opportunity to move the exhibition between different places, to try that this and its message reach as many people as possible.
At the beginning of June, the exhibition was present in the museum house of the Boada lagoon, during the celebration of the event “Let’s celebrate Tierra de Campos! Generating alliances for a green economy, where up to 54 people involved in the socio-economic and / or political sector as farmers, ranchers, beekeepers, ecotourism entrepreneurs, staff of the Diputación de Palencia, the JCYL, etc.. in addition to local people of the municipality, attended. From the end of this month, until mid-July, the exhibition could be seen at the Town Hall of the municipality of Fuentes de Nava, in the heart of Tierra de Campos. It received up to 280 visitors during those days.
After that, the exhibition was temporarily moved to the Casa del Cangrejo in the municipality of Herrera de Pisuerga in Palencia, where it is currently located and where it can be visited.
We encourage you to visit it there! It will be on display there until the end of the summer of 2022.

Environmental Talk in Abarca de Campos
We participated with the LIFE Wetlands4Climate project in the program Palencia a Huebra 2022, organized by the City Council of Abarca de Campos and the Fundacion Caja Burgos, on August 10, 2022. Technicians of the project and FGN gave an environmental education talk based on the experience of this project, and about the causes and consequences of climate change, the relationship of human beings with it, wetlands as an ecosystem of relevance and mitigators of climate change, the alliance that exists between these and human activities, and the challenge of acting against climate change and the destruction of wetlands in our country. 33 people attended the meeting.


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