The role of wetlands in climate change debated at LIFE Paludicola concluding session

From 5 to 7 October, and after four years of development, the closing event of LIFE Paludicola took place, a project that has been an international reference in the strategy for the conservation of the Aquatic warbler. This little-known, small species is the most endangered passerine in continental Europe.

For three days, the event (which was held online) brought together the leading experts on the species to analyse, from an economic, social and environmental perspective, the role played by wetlands in the conservation of species.

On the third day of the congress, a round table discussion was organised under the title “Wetlands allied to humans” with Antonio Camacho, Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Ecology of the UV, to talk about the role of wetlands in the face of climate change, highlighting the Wetlands4Climate project as an example. 

The full session can be seen here starting at minute 1:05:30

  • Wetlands as flood buffers. Yurena Lorenzo. Spokesperson for Wetlands International.
  • Wetlands as part of the CAP. Vanessa Sánchez. Project Coordinator. Global Nature Foundation.
  • Wetlands as allies against climate change. Antonio Camacho. Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Ecology. University of Valencia. 

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