LIFE Wetlands4Climate is showcased at the World Conference on Ecological Restoration, SER 2023

The scientific director of the Wetlands for Climate project, Prof. Antonio Camacho, presented the main results of the project at the 10th World Conference on Ecological Restoration, recently held in the city of Darwin (Australia)..

SER’s World Conferences were the premier meeting point for professionals and students interested in ecological restoration and management. These conferences provided a vital platform for knowledge exchange, discussion, and engagement on the latest trends in restoration science, practice, and policy, as well as specific tools, techniques, challenges, and strategies for restoring damaged and degraded ecosystems on all continents.

The 10th World Conference on Ecological Restoration focused on the important, and often neglected connection between culture and nature, including the role of restoration in enhancing and rebuilding that connection. The conference theme encouraged us to consider our own relationship with nature and the interweaving of human and ecological well-being, as well as to reflect on and pay respect to the deep interconnectedness and reciprocity between nature and Indigenous and traditional communities around the world. While the theme of the conference elevated the value of traditional and local ecological knowledge and practice, SER2023 welcomed presentations and information on all aspects of restoration, especially as outlined in the conference sub-themes.

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