A world without wetlands is a world without water

We assume that Water is a basic good, that we will have access to Water without any limit or restriction, when, in fact, the changes in the world and, particularly, in the climate conditions, oblige us to conceive Water in a different way.

In the last years, long periods of drought have been accompanied by floods and intense rains, raising a crossroad without precedents in water issues. The only way to maintain the water supply is to conserve the main reservoirs of fresh water on the planet. Lakes and wetlands provide plenty of water and the necessary balance to ensure the functioning of ecosystem services, and to fight against climate change.

Ecosystem provide essential goods and services for human well-being, and for the socio economic development. The sustainable management and wide use of water resources is, therefore, a basis for the conservation of ecosystem services and a benefit for both companies and society as a whole.

The 15th International Conference on Lakes and Wetlands, which will take place in Valencia from May 7th to 9th will involve the different stakeholders in the discussion about wetlands conservation and water uses, including small farmers and large companies, administrations and decision-makers at local, regional and national levels, as well as researchers, NGOs and other representatives of local communities.

This conference is a great opportunity to share experiences and results of applied works and research related to the sustainable use of wetlands and their catchment areas, and especially in relation to climate change. The future of our lakes and wetlands will depend the implementation of good practices in a coordinated manner.

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