The great challenges of the green sector #MeriendasVerdes

On 24 March, a new edition of the Green Lunches took place. This environmental forum is organised regularly by Ecovidrio and EFEverde to analyse from a monographic point of view the great challenges of the green sector.

On this occasion, under the title “Projects that save the world”, some projects that help to improve the relationship between human beings and the planet and to face the consequences of the climate crisis were highlighted.

Among the projects presented, the technical director of the Global Nature Foundation, Amanda del Río, presented some of the flagship projects in which the organisation is currently participating and coordinating, such as LIFE Wetlands4Climate and the Agricultural Biodiversity Observatory.

The event was also attended by the secretary general of WWF Spain, Juan Carlos del Olmo, the editor of Cambio 16 magazine and CEO of the EIG group, Jorge Neri, the co-founder of the sustainable search engine Clickoala, Carlos Hidalgo, and the marketing manager of Ecovidrio, José Luis Magro. Efeverde journalist Pedro Pablo G. May was in charge of moderating this meeting, which could be followed live on YouTube and social networks.


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