Generating alliances for a green economy in Tierra de Campos

To celebrate the 30 years that Fundación Global Nature has been working on the recovery and conservation of wetlands, an event was organized, coinciding with World Environment Day, in the house-museum of the Laguna de Boada de Campos (Palencia) that brought together more than 50 people who work and live in the territory: farmers, ranchers, beekeepers, ecotourism companies, local action groups, mayors, the Provincial Council of Palencia and the territorial environmental service of Palencia of the Junta de Castilla y León were present. The meeting served to review the results of the work carried out on management, conservation, climate change, green economy, ecotourism and environmental education and to launch the new initiatives planned in agricultural areas, wetlands and steppes.

LIFE Wetlands4Climate was one of the protagonists due to the importance that this project currently represents in the activities of study and management of wetlands that Fundación Global Nature develops in the lagoons of Boada and La Nava.

In this sense, the LIFE Wetlands4Climate/Global Nature Foundation team tried to make the project’s actions known both during the presentation and throughout the meeting: the research work, management by means of stripping, mowing, grazing and flooding, environmental education, communication and dissemination in the media, etc. 

“We want to involve the business community of the Tierra de Campos region in the conservation of its natural areas, its biodiversity, its heritage and its people,” says FGN technician Eugenio de las Heras Martín. “We believe that strengthening ties and generating alliances is the best way to work for a region that is committed to the natural values of the territory as the economic engine of Tierra de Campos” he adds.


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