Quality and Environment Policy

Fundación Global Nature sets out this Quality and Environment Policy as a reference framework to develop the Quality and Environment Management system, to comply with the requirements of stakeholder, and as a tool for the continuous improvement in our processes performance.

The policy, available for stakeholders, is based on the following principles, which are developed into improvement objectives:


Fundación Global Nature tends to be an entity of acknowledged prestige in Spain, a benchmark in nature conservation.

It works for a sustainable economy which reconciles environmental development, social progress and sustainable economic growth, in a productive and competitive economy favoring quality employment, equal opportunities and social cohesion, and guaranteeing the respect to the environmental and the rational use. of natural resources, as a means to allows satisfying the needs of present generations without compromising the possibilities of future generations to meet their own needs.


Fundación Global Nature’s prime objectives are sustainable development, nature conservation, management and defense of the environment, scientific research and technological development for the application of innovative and sustainable socio-economic models, international cooperation for sustainable development, environmental education and volunteering.

These prime objectives implies achieving the following goals:

a) Sustainable development, conservation, management and defense of the environment, through the implementation of actions aimed at promoting the sustainable use of natural resources, the drafting and execution of projects for the conservation and restoration of species and habitats, as well as other activities with the amin of protection natural, cultural and landscape values.

b) The conservation, protection and management of the rural urban landscape.

c) The promotion of land stewardship models related to nature conservation and similar agreements to promote nature protection by signing land stewardship agreements.

d) The collaboration with natural and legal persons, public and private entities, to forecaste and analyse the effect of their activity on natural resources and other projects. The technical, legal, documentary support and the economic collaboration with individuals, associations, citizen entities and stakeholders, for the environment protection and for creating shared value.

e) Protecting and promotion sustainable agricultural and livestock systems, with special attention to autochtonous breeds and traditional varieties, agricultural and livestock genetic diversity, and the promotion of agriculture models respecting biodiversity including a marketing differentiation of products and committed producers.

f) To tackle climate change with mitigation and adaptation measures.

g) The conservation of water ecosystems and integrated water resource management.

h) Applied scientific research and technological development for the use of innovative and sustainable socio-economic models, developing projects to protect nature and biodiversity, for the sustainable use of natural resources, pollution prevention, mitigation and adaptation to climate change; contributing to reach the goals set out in the respective instruments at international and European levels.

i) International cooperation for sustainable development, by promoting socially responsible, comprehensive, participatory development, respectful with the social and economic models and with cultural values, through cooperative and innovative actions, restoring ecosystems, promoting ecotourism programs and transferring new technologies for sustainable development.

j) Environmental education and volunteering to raise awareness and for capacity building on sustainable development, editing and distributing all kinds of publications in any format, designing and managing Environmental Education Centres, through the organization of courses, conferences, seminars, cultural trips, exhibitions, congresses, and prizes. Cooperation Agreements with Universities for External Academic Practices, with companies for Corporate Environmental Volunteer Programmes and through actions to improve nature with the collaboration of civil society.


Towards environment:

The protection of the environment is an ethical attitude towards the human being and future generations, therefore, we believe in:

– Environmental education as a key element in conservation, to recognize values and to promote attitudes that combines human wellbeing, culture and environment.
– ethical values and behaviours aligned with environmental education.
– Show attitudes consistent with actions towards the environment, which are indicators of the values of your team.
– the protection of species very sensitive ecosystems that are highly endangered and require urgent protection

Towards society:

– Committment with social responsibility
– Respect for human dignity and defense of human rights.
– Attention to disadvantaged groups, disabilities and gender equality.
– Solidarity between the people of the organization and with the beneficiaries of the Foundation.
– citizen orientation as a main value of environmental management as participants and final beneficiaries of nature conservation and environmental management.

 Towards our Organization:

– Transparency in the use of resources and efficiency in their management.
– Promotion of teamwork, integration, co-responsibility, improvement and professionalism as essential elements to achieve greater motivation and greater success in the services provided.
– Training and continuous learning to acquire and develop knowledge and skills to become better professionals.
– Work-life balance.
– Professional ethics.
– Innovation and search for new sources of knowledge and practices.

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