A letter to Google to become an ally of wetlands!

in Uncategorized 10 December, 2021

From Fundación Global Nature, the international network of Living Lakes formed by 112 lakes in the five continents and represented by 130 organisations, and the undersigned organisations, would like to encourage Google to dedicate the Doodle it designs for 2nd of February 2022 to highlight the value of an essential natural space such as wetlands.

In 1997, February 2nd was declared “World Wetlands Day” because of the role these ecosystems play on the planet: they maintain biodiversity, help combat climate change and provide fresh water to millions of people around the world. However, 64% of the world’s wetlands have disappeared in the last century and continue to disappear at a rate three times faster than forests.

That’s why we want Google to help us raise awareness of the vital importance of wetlands by devoting its February 2nd Doodle to these ecosystems; we are aware of the power of this tool to reach out to people and believe it can be a great opportunity to raise awareness of the valuable role these ecosystems play for humanity and for the planet.

Copy this letter and send it to the following address:

This is a model letter, feel free to add any information you consider relevant, the important thing is that we make ourselves heard and that as many letters as possible are received.