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General information

 We have been working on the wetlands in Villacañas since 1999, when we started up our conservation activities started up thanks to the “Wetlands of Villacañas” LIFE project, with the aim of recovering the saline meadows in “Limonietalia” as well as other saline formations around three lagoons in Villacañas (Toledo). Since then, our efforts have continually grown.

Our projects include direct conservation, purchase of land, environmental awareness-raising and collaboration with the farming sector.

Autochthonous plants are grown from seeds obtained in the area at our own nursery, created in collaboration with the Local Council.  

We support the production and marketing of ecological agrarian products from the Natura 2000 Network. We sign land stewardship agreements with producers of legumes (chickpeas from Pedrosillo, brown lentils and flat lentils), and their efforts also enable the conservation of steppe bird populations, such as great bustards or little bustards.


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