Collaboration with Torreblanca Local Council

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General information

We collaborate with Torreblanca Local Council developing numerous activities in the Espai Natura environmental education centre: the treasures of El Prat in the summer aims to raise awareness of visitors and the local population, we try to protect species that inhabit the natural space. Volunteering activities with turtles and with a group of "host volunteers" to reviews and repairs the plovers' nest area, a group of divers is dedicated to clean up the seabed, while monitoring the density of Posidonia oceanica and counting the Pinna nobilis.

Schoolchildren’s activities represent the largest group visiting the Espai Natura. We train technical staff on issues related to habitats conservation, and we organize courses on organic agriculture or birdwatching tourism

We develop supporting materials for these activities and from the Espai Natura we collaborate with other conservation projects such as Biodiversity Gardens, or the LIFE Paludicola.


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