Fertilisation and sustainability

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General information

Agriculture and livestock farming are key sectors in the Mediterranean. Apart from FGN in Spain, other Mediterranean regions are engaged in this Interreg MED project such as Italy, Cyprus and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Intense pig farming entails the production of a massive amount of slurry, which is a potential source of pollution as well as a serious economic concern for farmers.

However, closing the loop and converting waste into a valuable resource through innovative solutions can lead to a more sustainable and competitive sector.

RE-LIVE WASTE contributes to adopting livestock waste management solutions in MED regions, more specifically by testing a technology that transform slurry into a fertiliser and by assessing technical, environmental, legal and economic issues in order to lay the ground for scaling it up.

In the project pilot plants, slurry or manure is transformed into a high value organic fertiliser called struvite and the process is fine-tuned for being adopted at farm level nad create new business opportunities for farmers. We work in this project with other Spanish partners: La Unió and ALIA

RE-LIVE WASTE is a European project funded by the Interreg MED program (Green Growth), developed from 2018 to 2020


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