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We plant trees and shrubs of high ecological value in private agricultural farms to improve biodiversity and recover the soil.

Different types of plantations are made to recover small semi-forest patches with trees and shrubs, as "island-forests” in the agrarian landscape. In this way, shelters are created for birds, game species (such as partridge or rabbit) and for other animals that, otherwise, do not find shelter or food in agricultural areas, thus supporting biodiversity.

Plantations of autochthonous species are also carried out establishing and / or improving hedges and boundaries on farms. Hedges plantation fulfill a double function: on the one hand, they allow the refuge of insects that help to naturally control pests and, on the other hand, it is a common practice of organic agriculture, as they act as a barrier against treatments with synthetic chemicals in the adjacent plots. Numerous studies show that hedges play a highly valuable ecological role, not only as a refuge for useful insects for the farmer but also for biodiversity in general (for example, for birds).

We also support the transformation from traditional to organic farming so we promote planting of fruit trees in organic. These agroforestry plantations promote environmental and social benefits and involve crop diversification.  With the support of Accorhotels and the technical monitoring of Pur Projet, we carry out this type of plantations in the agricultural areas of Valencia and La Mancha. Since 2012, more than 50,000 trees have been planted with the collaboration of farmers.



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