European Living Lakes Association: a network for the protection of wetlands

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General information

Since 1998, different organisations have been working on the protection of aquatic ecosystems, creating the International Living Lakes Network, which is currently made up of 112 lakes on five continents and represented by 130 organisations.

To enhance the work of this initiative, we have proposed to form a European Partnership of the international Living Lakes Network that will empower different civil society organisations and NGOs to promote and support the protection and sustainable use of lakes, wetlands and other aquatic ecosystems and their associated biodiversity on the continent.

Specifically we seek to strengthen the Living Lakes Europe Network by creating and expanding a legally constituted European Partnership to foster a strategy to promote the protection and restoration of lakes and other wetlands as biodiversity hotspots and key greenhouse gas sink ecosystems.

We will develop initiatives to generate links that promote the conservation and restoration of aquatic ecosystems such as: conferences, seminars and exchanges of good practices, as well as dissemination and communication actions that promote the interest of administrations, companies and institutions in the protection of wetlands.

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