Baseline for sustainable sourcing

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General information

In order to start working on sustainable sourcing, it is essential to identify where the main risks and impacts of the supply chain are so a company can prioritize the actions to be carried out. By doing so, a baseline can be established in which the efforts developed by the company will be more efficient to tackle sustainability.

Therefore, together with Grupo AN, we are working on identifying the main critical points of their supply chain regarding the environment and biodiversity, and assigning indicators to them. Once the risks have been identified, we assess which of labels and food standards used by the group can help mitigate some of them. Finally, after crossing the risks with the existing mechanisms to mitigate them, we design a strategy that allows the company to tackle those potential impacts that do not currently have a control mechanism in place.

It is at this stage when the company has already identified (and prioritized) all the risks of its supply chain, what we call “baseline for a sustainable sourcing”. As a result, an action plan can be designed that allows to tackle every critical point according to its importance, advancing through the path of sustainable sourcing.


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