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General information

According to official data more than 80% of Spanish local cattle breeds are threatened with extinction.

Since our creation in conservation programmes for local cattle breeds: merina negra sheep, blanca cacereña cows, and different hen breeds (negra castellana, andaluza azul, castellana codorniz and andaluza negra barrada).

We promoted the creation of the National Association of Blanca Cacereña Cows Breeders and we got to have a herd book.

These species are a natural heritage that we protect in collaboration with different entities, like the Animal Selection and Breeding Centre in Extremadura (CENSYRA) and the National Institute for Reseach and Farming and Food Technology (INIA), which gives us hen breeds to analyse the quality of eggs produced with extensive farming.

This programme is developed in our farm “El Baldío”, which is a 232- hectare “dehesa” (agro-sylvo-pastoral farm) located in the municipality of Talaván (Cáceres, Spain). The different projects implemented in this farm include pasture improvement actions.


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