Monitoring of Biodiversity in Agricultural landscapes

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General information

We have coordinated in Spain the implementation of samples to assess the most important ecological infrastructures for the farming landscape and the effectiveness of the “greening” measures of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) first within the LISA project (Landscape, Infrastructures and Sustainable Agriculture) and later on within the EMBAL project (European Monitoring of Biodiversity in Agricultural Landscapes). We develop analysis on land use and biodiversity indicators in more than 2,500 hectares in different Spanish regions. We carry out the samples every two years to study the evolution of the farming landscape, especially the variations in terms of quantity and quality of the ecological infrastructures, the intensity of soil use and other parameters that might reflect if agri-environmental policies have a positive impact on the environment. It is currently the only project at a large scale in Europe to assess the effectiveness of the “Greening” of the CAP.

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